Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Card Challenge Entry

Yes, I know this little blog is supposed to be about photos, and in a way, this is. After cleaning my craft room really good, I have been inspired to actually paper craft and it's way fun. So, I am entering a card challenge at Paper Cutz Challenge where we are supposed to make a valentine card using some type of candy, cake, cupcake, etc. Here's mine. I kinda like it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Been A Year - In More Ways Than One

I haven't posted anything in a year because ... well, I couldn't figure out how I did it the first time. Lame. Second, I lost my job shortly after I made my first post, and guess it just wasn't a priority. Still unemployed. Not sure how that's all going to shake out, but doesn't matter in this venue. I'm here to share a few more of my favorite pics.

We were able to go to Disneyland in December. Went with our oldest daughter Diane, her hubby David, our two oldest grandsons, and our youngest daughter Stephanie. Crazy busy. All the people kinda make me nuts, cost a bit more than we expected, it was WARM - 85 degrees one day which was WAY too hot for me. BUT, as you can see from this darling picture of Nathan in Small World, all of that was so worth it to see this expression of awe on his sweet little face.

Let's see, what else went on? In October I went to Tehachapi and visisted my sister, Frances. I took a day trip with her and her hubby, Randy, up to the Whitney Portals, near Mt. Whitney. It was a beautiful day ... we went fishing down below the Portals and then went up mid-afternoon. (I caught nothing, by the way.) It was pretty chilly up there (about 8,300 feet). But oh, it was so beautiful. This waterfall was stunning. We fished some more. I finally caught one but it was so little I threw it back. Frances and Randy were the experts and brought home about seven fish between them. It was a blast.

In March, my sister Kathryn, her daughter-in-law Jen, my other sister Julia and I took a trip to Cambria, down past Hearst Castle. Jen, at 27 years old, had never seen the ocean before. (She is from Idaho Falls.) So, we took a couple of days and went on a mini road trip. Weather was perfect. We stopped on the way ... saw lighthouses, this cute little seal, seagulls and this beautiful sunset (which we could see from our hotel). How lucky is that?

Okay, this took me WAY longer than it should have, but at least I have a couple more pictures up. Thanks for hanging out with me!